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Plantule Pillows

249,00 zł

1. cherry seed thermofor - one small object, and so many tasks! Plantule dry thermofor is a natural helper for the whole family. Under the influence of pleasant weight and temperature, it relaxes tense muscles and tissues. Depending on your needs, it can be heated or cooled. It works with the freezer, oven or microwave. 2. relaxation pillow "travelka" Wherever you are - at work, in the car, traveling, Plantula will provide you with stable support and help you relax. The pillow will perfectly fit your neck and head, gently massage them and relax tense muscles. It will support your lower back and correct your posture while sitting, bringing relief and solace to your tired back. 3. eye pillow - relaxes, regenerates and helps you fall asleep Under the influence of pleasant weight and darkness, tired eye muscles can relax, and your body will deeply relax and calm down before sleep. As a cold compress, it is reliable for swollen eyes, and when a cool Plantula is placed on the forehead, it is equally effective in dealing with headaches.

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