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Plantule Pillows

278,00 zł

The double-sided Plantula is the perfect choice for your first plant-based pillow! Filled with buckwheat and spelt hulls at the same time, it satisfies most of our sleeping needs. Buckwheat is firmer, more massaging, cool and helpful when we need specific support and a relaxing massage. Spelt will be reliable when we need rest, softness, more warmth and gentler work with our bodies. If you need - sleep on the buckwheat, turn the pillow to the other side and snuggle into the soft spelt. A double-sided plantula, it has the 3 most important features of a comfortable and healthy pillow! Thanks to the filling, it adapts to our shape, and we can adjust its thickness to our needs, as it has two independent pockets closed with two zippers for adjusting the amount of both scales. It is stable for the head and neck, that is, it does not bend, collapse or spring back, but supports the weight of the body evenly. This is why tense neck and neck muscles can finally relax. The modeled pillow (with a recess for the head and a roller under the neck) is healthy for the spine - it sets it close to the neutral position and helps in its regeneration - better hydration of the intervertebral discs and beneficial reduction of muscle tension occurs.

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