Mata do medytacji (pudrowy róż)
Plantule Pillows

399,00 zł

Our Plantule mat will help you get into a comfortable position while practicing, with your feet, ankles and knees protected from the hard floor. These are very sensitive regions of the body where we experience the most discomfort when sitting directly on the floor for long periods of time. The mat will ward off hardness and you will feel comfortable, even during long moments in one static position. This is all due to the filling - organic buckwheat husk, which is flexible, adapts perfectly to your body, and is also cool and very breathable. The meditation mat is your personal space to practice meditation, to take care of yourself, to spend a moment with yourself. And every moment of relaxation regenerates your body and mind. You can match the mat with a matching Plantule cushion for sitting and meditation.

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